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Tuesday, 05 Dec 2023

Full Denture

Full Denture

A Full denture is required if the entire tooth structure is lost. As a complete replacement of natural teeth, the prosthesis is considered to be most comprehensive and most difficult form of the denture. Structure and visual design of the prosthesis can be a variety of ways.

















An individual care begins with the accurate measurement of the jaw or temporomandibular joint (Facebow), movement and chewing patterns are registrated. Another problem is the reconstruction of the once existing front teeth and the associated optics and aesthetics dar. This simulation, requires a lot of imagination, an exact knowledge of anatomical possibilities and a great experience on the part of the dentist and the dental technician. Face-, nose shape and  body are key factors in the lifelike reconstruction of  teeth.


After evaluating all this information, the full denture is made. On the chewing function and speech articulation, special emphasis is placed. The introduced artificial teeth can be edited to suit your personal characteristics and preferences, so that the prosthesis is not recognizable as such. The production of a complete denture is much more demanding and complex than a simple reconstruction and requires a high level of dentist and  technician skills.


The precise steps, and the materials have their price, but you get  with a custom-made dentures for  a very high quality, in harmony with  overall appearance, insert aesthetically appealing and durable supplies.