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Tuesday, 05 Dec 2023



Depending on the requirements, we have  various instruments available. Provided  a high degree of precision by the entire team.To our dentures production process belong,  high tech materials,  microscopes and magnifying glasses .


In the manufacture of dental prostheses, it is to a considerable extent on its accuracy.

For example, the life of a crowned tooth is largely influenced by the size of gap between the ground tooth and cemented to the Crown. The smaller the gap, the lower the possibility of attack of tooth decay bacteria. 

Especially in implant restorations have a precise execution and the perfect functional design is a prerequisite for lasting success.

Precision mechanical anchor fasteners, the removable dentures in the mouth of the teeth are much more durable if they are handled with appropriate care. In our laboratory, so the stereo microscope, is an indispensable part of our daily work.