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Monday, 15 Jul 2024

Empress e.max



The company Ivoclar has proved its selves with its IPS Empress full ceramic products and together with advanced technology improvement has improved itself more and with the increase of the product range has launched its product with its new version under the name IPS e.max.

















We have been working since 1999  with the Ivoclar Full ceramic systems and we  have a  long and positive experiental values in inlay/ onlay, veneer and crown technology.



An optimal solution in every respect


Laboratory-inlays are used when the defect on the tooth is too large for a plastic filling. Usually one decides it as a material for ceramics.


Today's ceramic inlays are of such outstanding quality that they are easily available in chew pressure loading posterior teeth are used. They are also extremely color fast, biocompatible - that is, they do not trigger allergies - and also have the same temperature conductivity as natural tooth enamel.


Their production and processing, however, provide the highest standards of dental technicians as equally, because the preparation techniques are fundamentally different from those of classic restorations with gold inlays.


For decades, amalgam is used as filling material.  It certainly served its purpose.Amalgam, it looks good does not necessarily. 


Outstanding in quality and aesthetic however are fullseramik inlays. 


Before Outstanding in quality and aesthetic however are fullseramik inlays After


Ceramic inlays are a synthesis of absolute body compatibility (biocompatibility) and perfect appearance.  No one sees a disturbing charge. And so it should be.




Discolored , twisted or chipped teeth , front teeth can be corrected with veneers. And so, keeping a natural tooth remains and the natural lens is restored. Veneers are thin , translucent porcelain veneers in the natural color of teeth that are attached to the prepared tooth (similar to an artificial fingernail) . Valuable healthy tooth structure is spared. With a special dental glue the veneers adhere to the tooth enamel safe and durable.


Proven , aesthetic, biocompatible

Ceramic veneers in front teeth are a very beautiful and natural-looking solution. Ceramic veneers are adapted in shape and color of natural teeth. They are invisible in the mouth . Veneers are an individual precision.


Before After


Ceramic bowls, like false finger nails to brighten dark teeth and to correct crooked teeth, unsightly. The result is aesthetically perfect.