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Tuesday, 05 Dec 2023

Full Ceramics


The construction of dentures always follows the same principle: the tooth is grinding down to be restored, the remaining tooth stump is adapted to a framework that takes the chew forces. On this framework, the porcelain is faceing.

If the scaffold made of metal, the tooth loses its natural "translucency". Exspecially with restorations in the anterior area, we recommend full-ceramic crowns, to include the frame is made from powerful, full-ceramic materials.

Ceramics are characterized by their precise color matching and unique combination of translucency, brightness, opalescence.
The result is a highly esthetic final.


All-ceramic restorations is, with regard to mouth resistance and biocompatibility   considered inert. The plaque accumulation is comperable of the natural tooth.   Due to the low thermal conductivity of the ceramic unlike the having metal.
 Work not to expect a temperature-sensitive.